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Recommendation for Case Study: Complacent Sales Team

In preparation for his meetings with the sales team, Mike Michaels needs to put together a presentation that accurately illustrates the company's position and the consequences that may occur for not meeting individual goals. His presentation should include:

  • A review of the company's goals, a timeframe for meeting them, and the role that each salesperson has in producing the results. Michaels should share the company's financial situation with the group as a whole, naming new business as the most viable option for increasing revenue by 25 percent over the next two quarters.
  • A modification of the original 5 percent new business bonus to include increased sales to existing customers over their historical run rate.
  • The CEO's mandated response to a failure to meet those goals.

    After a group presentation, Michaels should spend one-on-one time with each salesperson and the supervisors and specify a goal for each one to meet by the end of the year. His best course of action is two-way communication. It is important for Michaels to choose his words carefully in his meetings so he can encourage input and share ideas and strategies for generating new business. During the one-on-one meetings, Michaels will also be able to uncover any hidden factors for lower productivity.

    This approach will let Michaels calm any fears the performers might have, nudge the salespeople who need it, and perhaps allow the under-performers to decide on their own if they want to pursue other employment options. Ideally, he can meet the goals, from new business or increased business from existing accounts. At the end of the year, Michaels may not need to reduce his head count if some salespeople have left on their own, and he will have solid evidence that those who remain can meet individual's goals, are motivated, and should remain on the team.

    At the beginning of next year, Michaels can follow-up with the group to spotlight the sales team and the individuals who exceeded their sales goals. Presenting awards by focusing on the individual and company successes will help employee morale for the upcoming year. By promoting a continued plan for success, Michaels can help motivate the entire sales team for the next year.

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