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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

Colorado Office:
14143 Denver West Parkway Ste 100
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303.462.1277
F: 303.274.9771

Training Location II
700 Kalamath St.,
Denver, CO 80204

Adult Learning ModuleSales Training and Consulting

Lessons and modules include each step of the adult learning process.  First, exercises and stories are used to create awareness of unconscious competence, meaning we don’t know what we don’t know,  Secondly, there is the delivery of new knowledge, skills and techniques to create a state of ‘knowing’ or conscious competence.  Third, Leadership Connections uses drills, exercises and assignments to expedite the ‘application’ phase of learning, and finally, with practice and reinforcement unconscious competence can occur, meaning skills and concepts are naturally and automatically applied.


Kasha wolf"Wolves have incredible strength and endurance. These attributes assist salespeople during the decision making process in a long sales cycle."



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