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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

Colorado Office:
14143 Denver West Parkway Ste 100
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303.462.1277
F: 303.274.9771

Training Location II
700 Kalamath St.,
Denver, CO 80204

Sales Consulting for Sales Managers and OwnersSales Consulting for Sales Managers and Owners Denver, Colorado

Sales training is not always the answer for sluggish revenue.  Sales culture and sales incentives can hinder the best organizations and risk the loss of top talent.  Consider that what worked two years ago may not be the right sales methodology today.  Is your Sales Compensation plan congruent with your company goals?  Are you building contests for a few, or to motivate the whole team?  Are seasoned sellers in a slump?  Leadership Connections in Denver, Colorado can assist your Sales Management with fresh ideas, tools and sales strategies, or provide new content for weekly sales meetings.  Is turnover increasing, sales cycles getting longer and close rates sinking?  Strong sellers will not follow a weak leader.  Throwing money, commissions, and prizes at a sales team will not resolve misaligned commission programs, poor communication, incongruent messages, or a hesitant leader.  Like a well-tuned pack, the pack leader and the pack members have to work in harmony to maximize returns. 

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Personal Accountability

Personal accountability is about personal choice, discipline, and power. Choice creates responsibility, and responsibility creates power. Personal accountability means taking behavioral, intellectual, and emotional ownership for the outcomes of what one does.

What is the Leadership Connections definition of 'accountability'?

"We can count on you, and you can count on us. You commit to what you choose to do. Then we work together toward that goal."

Incentives, Compensation, and ContestsSales Compensation Bonuses

Is your sales compensation plan inspiring or de-motivating?  Few topics draw closer scrutiny than talk about sales compensations plans.  Thousands of interviews validate the reason many sellers change employers is due to perceived injustices in commission and compensation plans. Consider the common major mistakes management teams make in constructing sales compensation plans. 

  • First, assuming that money is the only motivation
  • Second, unclear expectations and unclear plans
  • Third, incongruent with company goals
  • Foggy communications
  • Changing horses midstream

Analysis, Strategy and Sales Process

Increasing pressure on price and margins requires sales efficiency to maximize revenue and numbers of orders.  Competitive changes, market changes, new product lines, attrition, and turnover can all affect team efficiency. 

Leadership Connections can assess and fix:
Team Structure | Low Morale | Non-Production | Flat Sales | Communication | Missed goals

Sales Culture

Company leadership must know and model the right principles to create a culture of personal accountability.  Leadership and management must set the right example by modeling, principles, and values.  There is not one right culture.  It is important to have one, know the pros and cons of it, and be clear and consistent with communicating and implementing it.

Sales Plans & Forecasting

Create personal sales plans, and stop guessing what sales revenue will be.  Implement tracking and qualification models to predict which sales will close and those that will not.

Sales Coaching for Sales Managers and Owners

Sales Management CoachingSales Mastery Wolf

Top producers often find themselves managing their peers. Trial and error is costly, time consuming and ineffective. Leadership Connections' coaches are all experienced producers and managers and can coach you to get the best results possible from your team.

Sales Coaching

Telling is not coaching.  Leadership Connections' team members know
how to coach, inspire, train skills and hold sellers to a plan and develop personal accountability.

Sales Meeting Development

Let us assist you in developing and executing fun and productive sales meetings that inspire, develop and improve sales.

On-boarding New Hires

Exit interviews and surveys report new hires most common complaint is the lack of initial direction and training when starting a new position.  Get new people onboard in a way that wraps them up to be productive in systematic and effective way.  Take advantage of the positive can do attitude of your new starts.

To learn more about how our sales consulting and the expertise of our front line trainers can assist you, contact us by email or call 303 462 1277.


Leadership Connections
Leading you to exceptional sales success, Connecting you with top line results

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Leadership Connections
Leading you to exceptional sales success, Connecting you with top line results

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