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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

Colorado Office:
14143 Denver West Parkway Ste 100
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303.462.1277
F: 303.274.9771

Training Location II
700 Kalamath St.,
Denver, CO 80204

Sales Training for Industrial Equipment, Dealers and Distributors:
Sales Mastery® ModulesSales Training Selling the Industrial

Account Management
Protect existing accounts and prevent sabotage from competitors.  Cross sell departments and learn the rules to up sell.  Work more effectively with committees, multiple decision makers, and absentee decision makers. Maximize your itinerary, time and effectiveness with an action plan. 

Resilience and Beliefs
Develop your strongest assets, your confidence, and self-esteem.  “We are what we believe.  Beliefs and limits created limited people.”  Workshop participants examine self-limiting beliefs that inhibit sales potential, learn how beliefs develop, and how to change them.  Discover how much more you can do and achieve on each call.  Common advice says, “Don’t take it (rejection) personally!”  We show you how to actually implement the cliché, and separate rejection from yourself.  You will learn how to be more resilient, and increase effectiveness.  Content includes fear of failure, taking risks and developing a strong mental psyche.  

Relating to Four Major Buying Styles: Instant Rapport
It is easy to want to sell in a way that reflects how we personally like to buy.  Studies show that approximately 75% of the world makes decisions differently than your own style.  Recognize four major buying styles, and learn how to adapt your approach and presentation to each style.  Gain endorsement earlier and shorten selling cycles

Getting Decisions: The Power of Choice and Mutual Agreement
Getting commitments and decisions are essential skills of selling.  Painless and proven methods to obtain commitments and decisions make this one of our more popular sessions.  Learn the value of “no,” how to remove decision pressure, and get more decisions more easily. 

Pain and Buyer Motivation, Replacing Vendors, Up Selling and Cross Selling
Developing buyer need is the most misunderstood and overlooked component of the sales process by many professionals.  Develop custom questions that uncover needs, create urgency, and move buyers to action.  Know the questions to replace existing vendors, gain add-on sales, and up sell existing orders. Break the commodity mentality and learn how to focus prospects on value instead of price.

The Wisdom of Denial and Skepticism 
These powerful tools lower defenses, stimulate faster decisions, illuminate real issues, generate customer ‘ownership’, and effect truthful answers quickly.  Get to real needs faster by cutting through smoke screens.  You will have more fun, more control, and less resistance.

Seeking to Understand: Clarifying Questions 
When you are talking, you are not selling.  Keep the customer talking, clarify vague answers, tactfully move through smoke screens, and improve “active listening skills.”  Clarify assumptions and eliminate assumptions and false hope by gaining complete knowledge with clarity and accuracy.

Pricing, Budgets and Required Investments
Uncover budgets and competitive pricing earlier in the sales cycle.  Identify and remove self-limiting money scripting and gain confidence and comfort in pricing negotiations.  Learn when and how to discuss pricing, handle budget-pricing objections, and move thinking to value instead of price.
Authority Levels and Decision Process
Shorten sales cycles and reduce decision stalls.  Increase prospects' comfort and willingness to disclose decision makers, decision criteria, and internal decision processes.  Learn how to tactfully pose the who, what, when and how qualifying questions to gain better answers.  Gain clarity on working with multiple decision makers and complex sales cycles.

Proof, Presentations and Proposals
Provide proof of solutions to customer needs and pains with authenticity and power.  These three segments provide a strong competitive edge:

  • Information Can Kill Deals:  Structure and Content
  • Presenting with Personal Presence and Authenticity
  • Working with Groups And Multiple Decision Makers

Prospecting, Scouting Calls, and Referrals: Telephone Appointment Setting
New business is critical to continued sales success.  Get past “gate” keepers (both real and electronic), reduce rejection, engage others more quickly with the right questions, and generate more productive conversations and leads.  Take advantage of existing contacts and learn how to generate consistent referrals without risking the current relationship. By, ‘Professionally Targeting Referrals’ you create win-win-win’s for all, build clients and referral partners with rock solid relationships.

Sales Rescue
Recover from mistakes, generate second chances, and inspire prospects to help you.  Comfortably clarify conflicting information, make prospects look and feel comfortable, gain and keep defenses down.  Recover no show appointments, are more returned calls and increase success on scouting calls.


"Pack members hunting together are much more successful than a wolf hunting on its own. Use the expertise of others to increase sales."

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