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Leadership Connections Lead the Pack Sales Training

Colorado Office:
14143 Denver West Parkway Ste 100
Golden, CO 80401

P: 303.462.1277
F: 303.274.9771

Training Location II
700 Kalamath St.,
Denver, CO 80204

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Feature Weekly etip:

Always be Closing is Not What You Think

An Analogy is Worth a Thousand Words

Are You Fueling Your Prospect's Appetite?

Are You Getting Price Pressure?

Are You Giving or Getting?

Are You Prepared to Win?

Are You Telling Yourself the Right Thing?

Avoid Monotony in your Follow-Up!

Avoid the Flat Squirrel Syndrome

Be Creative on Adding Value

Be Slow to Prescribe

Being Fearless and Creative

Build Rapport with the Right Communication

Capitalism - Faster, Better, Cheaper

Caring For or Care Taking Relationships

Caution - Friend or Foe in Sales?

Clarify the Money

Closing is the Prospect's Choice

Complaining Is Symptomatic of Unwillingness to Risk

Confidence to Walk Away

Consideration and Empathy First

Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Customer Dissatisfaction is Not Always Apparent

Don't Change the Subject

Don't Confuse Trust with the Need for Approval

Don't Get Lost in the Fog

Don't Ignore Stress!

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Empower Sales with Personal Choice

First Date or First Appointment?

Focus on Sales Goals

Forecasting Sales

Forget Time Management it Won't Work

Freedom is a Double Edged Sword

Has the Truth Changed?

Have Specific Reasons for Future Contacts and Follow-up Calls

High Trust Relationships

Hope is a Strategy

How Can I Ask My Top Customers for Referrals Without Risking the Relationship?

How Effective is the Traditional "cold call" in this New Day and Age?

How You Decide Influences How You Close

Ideas are a Dime a Dozen, Action is Priceless

If You Think It's Just a Numbers Game

Improve Money Talk and Improve Sales

In Recessions, Buyers Typically Look for Certainty

Interview the Jury

Intuition in Sales

Is the Relationship the Real Problem?

Is Your Prospect in Paralysis?

Is Your Product Service a Commodity?

Lead the Dance

Leading is the Most Important Skill

Less is Better

Lose the Happy Ears While Selling

Make Color Your Coach to Get and Stay Focused

Make Curiosity Your Constant Companion

Maximize Employee Morale from Different Generations

Meet Sales Goals with Reproducible Processes

Mental Flossing

Need is a Matter of Degree

New Business Relationships

Personal Accountability

Power vs. Power on Joint Calls

Prioritize Like an Emergency Room Doctor

Proposals Don't Sell

Proposals and RFQ's

Prospects May Not Know How to Decide

Protect Your Time

Puppies are Great Closers

Questions without Answers

Reach Out to Customers

Reaching a Broader Audience

Researching the Customer

Risk of Rejection

Sales Grow in Proportion to Your Courage

Sales Resolution, Dump the Baggage

Sell Using the Right Language

Selling is Being a Good Counselor

The Best Way Out of a Recession

The Most Credible Emotion

Things Don't Get Better by Chance

Tonality and Tenacity

Use the Platinum Rule

Wanting vs. Needing

What Do You Have to Lose?

What is the Destination?

What Play Should You Run Now?

When Your Prospects Shop You

Wisdom vs. Knowledge in Sales

Your Value or the Buyers Value

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